Jesper Tingvall


Jesper Tingvall is the developer behind Scrap Galaxy. He is from Sweden enjoys participating in game jams. To this day he has developed no less than 23 24 games.


Connor O.R.T. Linning


Connor O.R.T. Linning is a Canadian musician, soundtrack composer, game developer and software engineer. He has over a decade of experience in writing and releasing music as well as playing live shows, spanning genres from heavy metal, jazz, horror soundtracks, and dance music.


Markku Kankaanniemi

Markku Kankaanniemi is a student from Finland.

Linus Asplund

Linus ‘Traggey’ Asplund is a a freelancing 3D generalist from sweden. Has a passion for horror gaming and has been involved with Amnesia: A machina for pigs aswell as Frictionals latest title SOMA.