Game Scrap Galaxy

Release date TBA

Genre Local Multiplayer, Party Game

Platform PC, TBA

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Contact and address
Jesper Tingvall
076-818 74 22
Linköping, Sweden

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Short Description

Scrap Galaxy is a local build & destroy deathmatch game for up to 4 players. It is a 2D top down shooter taking place out in space in a galaxtic junkyard. In this setting the players are trying to survive by constructing space ships.

The game is round based and each round is divided up into two phases; build phase and battle phase. During the build phase each player gets a number of components and has to assemble a spaceship from these under time pressure. During the battle phase the players pilots the ships. They battle against the other or team up against the garbage drones living in the junkyard.

The randomness makes every new round into a new challange because you always have a new ship to battle with. This also makes the game quite addictive.

Key Features

  • Three different game modes; deathmatch, Scrap King and survival.
  • Deathmatch until only one player remains. A new ship is constructed each round. Following construction settings exists.
    • Classic
      The focus is on fast battles and rapid prototyping of ship designs, randomized components make every new round into a new challenge.
    • 20 pieces
      Focus is on iterative design, build the ultimate ship using only 20 pieces.
    • Freemode
      Unlimited creativity, build the ship of your dreams.
  • In Scrap King the winner keeps their ship and can continue to build on it.
  • In Survival player fight together against garbage drones. The player continues to build on their ship after each wave of enemies.
  • It exists 12 different components; 5 weapon components, 3 engine components and 4 structure components.


Scrap Galaxy have been showcased at the following public events.

  • Sweden Game Conference and Festival, 2016, 20 – 23 October 2016, Skövde
  • Open Demo Night, 8th September 2016, Linköping
  • Närcon Summer 2016, Linköping
  • Nordic Game 2016, Malmö
  • MTD-pub, 10th March 2016, Norrköping
  • Närcon Winter 2015, Linköping
  • Liu Game Award 2015, Norrköping
  • Närcon Summer 2015, Linköping
  • Närcon Winter 2014, Linköping
  • Liu Game Award 2014, Norrköping
  • Närcon Summer 2014, Linköping

Awards and nominations

  • Finalists for Nordic Game Discovery Contest at Sweden Game Conference
  • 1st place LiU Game Award 2014



In game



Concept art




White logo is prefered.




  • Jesper Tingvall Developer & programmer from Sweden
  • Connor O.R.T. Linning Music from Canada
  • Markku Kankaanniemi Art from Finland
  • Linus Asplund Logo from Sweden
  • Miku Art from Sweden

For details see team page.