Build a spaceship from random parts under time pressure.


Battle until only one player is standing in a fierce deathmatch. Construct a new ship after each round and repeat.


Team up and fight against the garbage drones living in the junk yard. After each round continue to build on ship.

“Explosive, chaotic, and fun. Scrap Galaxy is an arcade-style shooter optimised for local-multiplayer play which revolves around a simple mechanic — modular spaceships.”

 – Big Boss Battle

“Scrap Galaxy is a robust title that is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection of local co-op games. With engaging gameplay and modes it is sure to keep you and your friends entertained for hours making it definitely worth picking up.”


IndieCator @ SGC

”We chose Scrap Galaxy to exhibit at our IndieCator corner at Sweden Game Conference 2017 due to its dynamic graphics, diverse gameplay that includes building and battle phases and due to its SciFi Theme. ”

LiU Game Awards 2014

”This game looks extremely fun and playing it is even better!”

Catalope Games

Scrap Galaxy is being developed by Catalope Games, a small game studio in Linköping dedicated to cute and fun games. It was founded by Jesper Tingvall in April 2017 after he made his way to many game jams.


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Scrap Galaxy